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The Heirloom Companies is an award-winning manufacturer of custom wood and ironworks, combining Old World craftsmanship with modern technology. When FUEL began working with them the company was known as three separate units: 1) Heirloom Stair & Iron, 2) Hand-Forged Designs, and 3) James Mosely Design. There was no integration, connection, or symmetry that leveraged the company as a whole. Additionally, the company had never marketed themselves properly, especially digitally, so they struggled to get quality leads.



The Heirloom Companies have a great story, but did a poor job of telling it. FUEL’s strategy was to overhaul the brand by integrating the three segments under an overarching name: The Heirloom Companies. We re-launched the new brand through a dynamic, mobile-friendly website designed to drive leads and convert new customers. In addition, FUEL created a strategic marketing campaign—utilizing digital and traditional tactics—to position them for ongoing, sustainable growth.



The re-brand was an immediate success, driving whole new target segments to their website. Today, some three years later, The Heirloom Companies customer base has grown significantly, as the once local business now attracts national and international customers—both individuals and corporate clients—including Disney, who has commissioned them on various projects.



New Custom Website
SEM Campaign
SEO Implementation
Digital Lead Generation
Photography and Videography
Email Campaign
Feature Blogs/Stories
Sponsored Ads
Press Releases
Printed Collateral
Print Ads
Event Support

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