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In the fall of 2016, Aaron Davis, a successful entrepreneur in Upstate South Carolina, came to FUEL with the task of successfully launching a new gym that is part of a national franchise—a franchise that boasts more than 100 locations around North America and is based outside of Atlanta. Challenge 1: help him get 1,000 pre-enrolled customers at the new Boiling Springs, SC location before they opened in exactly 72 days. Challenge 2: help him get 1,000 pre-enrolled customers at the new Duncan, SC location before they opened in roughly three months.



To drive quality leads that would convert to new memberships at both locations required a very aggressive, highly targeted digital campaign that would get the right message, to the right people, in the right way—in this case, high-quality, nearby gym prospects in Boiling Springs and Duncan, respectively. Given the time constraints for both, there was little margin for error. FUEL conducted a deep, accelerated, competitive analysis, and then deployed a laser-like strategy that focused on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads that would drive prospects to a custom landing page. We also actively monitored all campaign data, or "chatter," to determine lead behavior and modify our ads/creative in real time to ensure optimal results.



FUEL's efforts were highly effective, in both cases, as we managed to exceed the "1,000 customer goal" within the specified time frames. Here are the numbers:


Campaign 1
(Boiling Springs, SC)


Drove the second highest total of pre-enrollments for any gym in the franchise.


Reached 800k unique eyeballs in the first three months.


Engaged 5,000 people in the first three months.


Campaign 2
(Duncan, SC)


Increase in leads over the launch of the first location (despite this location having a 60% smaller market).


Converted 43% more pre-paid memberships than the first location.


In the first three months, the new gym had 1,347 memberships, well in excess of the 1,000 goal.


Had over 5,000,000 impressions in three months.


Engaged more than 27,800 people in three months.

FUEL did a great job enabling us to hit our numbers. They came in, hit the ground running, and delivered a home run. Their knowledge of digital marketing is deep and they are a pleasure to work with. Thanks to them, our Grand Opening was a success.

— Aaron Davis, Owner
Boiling Springs & Duncan Gym Franchises

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