Case Study



Based out of England, Natural Retreats is a unique travel and leisure company featuring sought-after destinations throughout Europe. They have a strong reputation for going into distressed British Isles properties (farms, resorts, real estate projects, etc.) and identifying a strategic tourism and hospitality solution to generate funds to bolster the property in distress. Natural Retreats came to FUEL and asked us to help them penetrate the US market with two similar properties: Virginia Hot Springs & South Fork Lodge (Idaho).



Both properties were going under fast. We were tasked with coming up with a strategic lead-generation plan that would encourage tourism at both distressed properties and generate needed revenue for both the homeowners, and the respective towns. Their charge to us was: "help us revitalize both properties and make them once again self-sustaining."



FUEL did just that in less than 18 months. We developed an integrated campaign that built awareness with key demographics and aggressively drove tourism to both properties. The end result was a resounding success as the two properties—Hot Springs Virginia & South Fork Lodge—are now, once again, financially stable and thriving.



National and Regional Print Ads
Outdoor Boards
Highly targeted database marketing campaign
Digital banner ads
Vision brochures
Print collateral (Sitemaps, Activity Guides, Direct Mail)
Trade show graphics
Outfitter graphic up-fit and branding

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