Daniel Harper

Social Media Strategist

Daniel is a man of many talents—musical, athletic, and creative. As a 2014 graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston MA—with a degree in Music Production & Engineering—Daniel worked the past few years as an audio engineer, singer-songwriter, and performer. (In 2010, he sang the National Anthem at Fenway Park for a game between the Red Sox and Yankees.) Daniel is both analytical and creative, which serves him well at FUEL. He sees the big picture and helps keep all digital projects on schedule and on budget. Though he tries not to let on, Daniel played football in college—he was a wide receiver.

Fun Facts

Sweet or salty: Salty
Favorite/least favorite foods:
Favorite: Italian Least: Biscotti
Favorite holiday: The New Year
Pet peeve: Inappropriate use of the word "literally"
Super power you wish you had: Telepathy