Ed Foric

Senior Art Director

After graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University with a degree in graphic design, Ed began his career across the pond in England before relocating to South Carolina in 2012. A designer who occasionally dabbles in DJing, Ed has an international background that has given him the opportunity to work with global brands including Denny's, Volkswagen, Red Bull, and Carlsberg, among others. A conceptually driven and strategic thinker, Ed leads the development, execution, and maintenance of creative concepts for clients and the graphic design that is integral to brand positioning. When he's not brainstorming new ideas for high-impact visual content, Ed enjoys playing indoor football (the one with goalkeepers), cooking, and learning about other cultures around the world.

Fun Facts

Sweet or salty: Not too sweet, not too salty
Favorite/least favorite foods:
Favorite: Indian and Italian Least: Raisins
Favorite holiday: U.S. Thanksgiving, U.K. Christmas
Pet peeve: People that don't signal when driving
Super power you wish you had: Fly, obviously, even though I'm scared of heights