Kristin Dennis

Digital Analytics/SEO Specialist

As a hardcore Gator fan (four-year degree, it's earned) and a self-professed love for animals, one might suspect Kristin to be a vet, rather than a bright, savvy, experienced analytics-junkie: "it's about balance," she quips. Kristin has spent the past 12 years in the Big Apple working in Digital Analytics with high-powered companies like E*TRADE and HBO. Her strengths include leveraging data to drive decisions related to website/application design, customer experience, marketing initiatives, and editorial strategy. She has a proven record for successfully launching and managing digital analytics tracking designs and reporting for digital properties. For fun, Kristin and her husband and not-even-a-year-old daughter love the outdoors and go hiking, biking, and "waterfall-searching" in the mountains of Western North Carolina. As referenced earlier, she is a friend to the animals, serving as an ASPCA donor, Animal Legal Defense donor, and wildlife rehab volunteer (in Costa Rica).

Fun Facts

Sweet or salty: both/and
Favorite/least favorite foods:
Favorite: Tie: Pad Thai and Falafel
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Pet peeve: Scratching sounds
Super power you wish you had: Flying, of course