Lisa Roten

Senior Art Director

Lisa exudes creativity and is absolutely meant to do what she does—which is hardly surprising since she comes from a talented, creatively inclined family of artists. Lisa found her niche in graphic design many years ago and is indispensible to the FUEL team. She’s a gifted artist, painter, and photographer, and director—all in one package. She even owned her own design and photography studio for several years. That experience helped hone her skills for business so that she understands how great creative can elevate and engage customers and drive new business. Lisa’s deep passion and understanding for strategic marketing shows in the work she produces for our clients: it demands attention. Lisa is also a passionate advocate of the Green Beret Foundation, in honor and remembrance of her brother who was a Special Forces Green Beret. She is also a sister in the Steel Mags sorority, an elite sisterhood established as a program by the Green Beret Foundation.

Fun Facts

Sweet or salty: Both at the same time
Favorite/least favorite foods:
Favorite: Peanut butter Least: Tomatoes
Favorite holiday: Christmas and my Birthday
Pet peeve: Horrible table manners—loud eaters, smackers, open mouth chewers
Super power you wish you had: The ability to think any object or situation into existence (i.e. an amazing meal on the table for my family with a thought or think myself into the vacation of my dreams at any time!)