Meredith Kinsey

Senior Vice President & COO

Meredith has a gift for taking multiple (often complex) tasks or projects and integrating them in an efficient and effective fashion. She also has a great head for business, having worked on the “client side” at several B2C companies. She co-founded a design firm and retail boutique for which she served as CMO and COO, as well as president of the company's ecommerce division. Before that, she served as vice president and executive director of marketing for a rapidly growing communications company, and also spent six years with a global communications company, developing marketing plans to support strategic corporate initiatives of the Fortune 100 company. Suffice it to say: she gets it. Meredith is an active member of the Greenville community. She is past chair of the GHS Children’s Hospital Developmental Council, as well as the American Diabetes Association's Greenville Leadership Council. She currently serves on the board and executive council of the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance (CSPA) and the Greenville Memorial Medical Campus Advisory Council. Even though she has an MBA from Clemson, she is a devout Gamecock, having grown up in Columbia and graduating from USC.

Fun Facts

Sweet or salty: Sweet with a touch of salty or salty with a touch of sweet or just sweet or just salty—I'm flexible
Favorite/least favorite foods:
Favorite: Anything my mama cooks Least: Tomatoes
Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
Pet peeve: Crunching ice (crunching anything really); smacking/slurping; talking with food in your mouth; popping/clipping fingernails
Super power you wish you had: Time manipulation