Sandra Fraser


Sandra has been with FUEL from its earliest incarnation, going way back to 1997. "A lot’s changed since then," she said. "Art Directors don’t use drafting tables any more, for one." She has been the only full-time accountant FUEL has ever known—she keeps the boat afloat, we often say. Sandra was born in Arizona—educated at the University of Arizona—before heading east after college with her husband, Cleve. Outside of FUEL, Sandra is a tireless advocate and nurturer of stray or homeless animals, particularly cats. She can spot an injured critter "from long distance at high speeds." In addition to her love of animals, Sandra is a Greater Greenville Master Gardener and in a perfect world, would like to read, cook, and garden. When she’s not keeping the books, of course.

Fun Facts

Sweet or salty: Salty
Favorite/least favorite foods:
Favorite: Green corn tamales Least: Dried lima beans or liver
Favorite holiday: Tough one
Pet peeve: People who don’t spay or neuter
Super power you wish you had: Healing