Taylor Perry

Front-End Developer

Taylor is naturally inquisitive, with an innate love for designing, building, and figuring out how things work. She has worked with numerous B2C and B2B businesses in the area, overseeing the web development process from start to finish—from discovery, design, content organization, sitemap development, wire-framing, building prototypes, coding/development, deployment and ongoing testing. Industries she’s worked with include: financial, healthcare, nonprofit, travel and tourism, and manufacturing, among others. As a Greenville, SC native and graduate of Winthrop University, Taylor’s heart is in the Carolinas, particularly the Upstate. She’s also an audiophile, with an impressive vinyl collection.

Fun Facts

Sweet or salty: Sweet and salty together
Favorite/least favorite foods:
Favorite: Tacos Least: Velveeta
Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
Pet peeve: People that talk far more than they listen
Super power you wish you had: The ability to pause/un-pause time