Vivian Loveless

Senior Account Director

Vivian started her career in New York City in the world of high fashion, before ultimately returning south to her roots and following her true career passion: marketing. She has B.B.A. in Marketing from Georgia State University and had more than a decade of experience in the agency world before joining FUEL. Detail-oriented is a great way to describe Vivian—she is process-oriented and follows an efficient, systemic approach to spearhead integrated marketing solutions that lead to actionable results. She is also a great communicator and constantly strives to meet or exceed client expectations. As a side note, Vivian was also an Event Coordinator at one time, which comes in handy for some of our clients. Her formal marketing background includes extensive work on a number of regional and national B2B and B2C accounts in the financial, real estate, and manufacturing industries, among others.

Fun Facts

Sweet or salty: Salty
Favorite/least favorite foods:
Favorite: Any kind of potatoes Least: Desserts unless it's chocolate
Favorite holiday: All of the ones where stuff is closed
Pet peeve: Left lane offenders
Super power you wish you had: Blink and you're dressed, dinner is cooked, and your house is clean like Samantha on Bewitched