Zach Chastain

Senior Digital Strategist

Some people are born technologically gifted. Zach is one of them. He's that guy who can figure anything out, a gift that keeps him in high demand at FUEL. Zach previously owned an IT consulting business for seven years and served as a member of the Career & Technology Center Advisory Board for Districts 1 and 2. He is well-versed in digital and social media marketing, having managed accounts for a number of national and international companies. Zach was also a drummer in high school, and once appeared on stage in Prague with Monkey Business, one of the Czech Republic's most popular bands.

Fun Facts

Sweet or salty: Umami
Favorite/least favorite foods:
Favorite: Antelope Least: Spaghetti Noodles
Favorite holiday: Festivus
Pet peeve: People who don't know how to use turn signals
Super power you wish you had: The ability to stop time would be pretty sweet. If you don’t feel like getting up in the morning, just hit snooze on the world and start your day when you’re ready.